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tv   [untitled]    March 13, 2015 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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will be satisfied, they actually amended this resolution to include a environmental component dealing specifically with the items that we touched on at our joint meeting, the ipm that we wanted to do some pop-up there. we have integrated pest management specialists throughout this city in various classifications so we wanted to do something a little more centralized through the environment department. >> i love the idea of there being a training academy to look at golf courses in particular and the opportunity to become more sustainable because there are a lot from pesticides to water to hab at a time conservation issues. i would love to, as the program develops, at some point to have you come back and to hear about those specific environmental initiatives and how we can really lift up this site and the career opportunities around environmental goals. >> absolutely. >> thank you. okay there's a motion on the floor. all those in favor.
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opposed? the motion carries. next item, please. >> would you like me to read the closed session items? >> yes. >> item 20, existing litigation, arturo torres et al. versus city and county of san francisco and items 21 through 30 will not be heard today. >> is there any public excellent on the item to be heard in closed session? seeing none, may i have a motion on whether to assert? >> i will move to assert. >> second. >> all those in favor. opposed? the motion carries. we are now going can you please rise
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for the pledge of allegiance? >> pledge of allegiance. >> president, i'd like to call roll. >> president loftus. >> here. >> vice president turman. >> here. >> commissioner marshall enroute. >> . >> dejes u.s. >> here. >>. >> also here with us is joyce
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hicks and chief of police. >> welcome everyone to the to the march 11th police commission meeting welcome to those here in attendance and those watching at home. we haven't been here in city hall since february 4th so it's good to be back. >> please call the first line item. . >> certificate of appreciation mr. jeffrey man hierm man heimer and i understand we're going to have a presentation. >> i am lieutenant chin from the -- mr. manheimer, are you here? come on up [applause]. >> sorry sergio.
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>> correct i'm lieutenant sergio chin from the investigative team. tonight we're here to president the citizen's commendation. let me give a little bit of detail. there was a robbery incident that occurred at the 1800-block of polk street the the suspect tries to leave without paying and mr. manheimer hears the ruckus and turns around and sees a big fight. a couple of things he
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could do take no action or push him off the bike and he did that pushed him off the bike the suspect falls to the ground, the cop shows up and arrested and most people wouldn't take any action but mr. manheimer here risked his own safety and displayed a willingness usually reserved for police officers and fire fighters and a select few of our civilian population and mr. man heimer heimer should be commended for for his brave action and be awarded the commendation award. >> commissioner commissioner mazzucco gets very excited about this [laughter] there is
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one one less rob er on the streets of san francisco due to the to the courageous actions of mr. man heimer and such an example of behave bravery is worthy of the highest esteem by the san francisco police department. [applause]. >> and for those of you watching at home who can't see, there's a large contingent of supporters for mr. man heimer. welcome. >> i just wanted to say thank you it's an honor to take this award. it wasn't something that you expect walking into work and it was good i could help out with the police and i know what you guys deal with on a day-to-day basis so it was the least i could do so thank you i appreciate it.
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>> wonderful. >> [applause] somebody should take a picture. >> mr. man heimer [applause] inspect tore please call the next item. >> adoption of minutes for the meetings of january 28th, , february 4th. february february 11th and february and february and february 25th,
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2015. . >> colleagues in your packets you have the minutes prepared for these 4 meetings are there any discussion about these minutes. >> i move to approve. >> all of those in favor? those opposed? the motion passes. please call the next line item. >> heist. >> >> action. . chief there's a request here from the department to accept these 13 hyster forklifts. >> actually i'm going to let to let sergeant matthews speak to that. >> thank you. the police department are operating receiving excess and under
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utilized government equipment everything from paper shred ers to storage cabinets and police boats and even at one time helicopters and at this time we've been able to locate 13 forklifts and property supply areas as well as some of our specialized units and they come to us initially at no cost from the government and after 1 1 year in our possession they are turned over to us to use as we see fit either to return to the government at no cost or penalty or reallocate or sell if we desire so a great saving estimated at 226 at $226,000 worth of forklifts that we get at no cost. >> 13 seems like a lot of forklifts just curious about
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the number. >> sure. the way these are stockpiled by the government they are told to us they are available but without any real detail on the condition of the forklifts we have a short window to inspect them for use ability and so due diligence said we take them all and see which ones we need for parts to make the others whole and if they are not all in proper working order we can turn those back in. >> do you have any questions? >> vice president turman? >> sergeant matthews can we also allocate to other agencies. >> the equipment is did i differently classified for their use and for the first
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year they must remain in the control of the police department for a law enforcement purpose and after that time yes, we could potentially. >> any other questions for my colleagues? okay. do i have a motion? >> accept. all those in favor. aye. motion passes. thank you, sergeant. >> thank you. >> good luck with the forklifts. >> thank you. >> please call the next line item. >> the public is now welcome to address the commission with items that are within the jurisdiction of the commission and address your remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners and during public comment neither police or occ personnel or commissioners are required to respond to questions but may
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provide a brief response and occ personnel should rerefrain however from entering into any discussions with speakers during their comment and you you can limit your comment to to 3 minutes, please. >> welcome. >> hello commissioners i've been here many times before for those of you who don't come all the time i apologize for doing ancient history in the last 3 minutes and actually you can get change done around here even if in a roundabout way i want to wish you a happy month. if you didn't see the report on channel 2 last thursday it featured the chief being interviewed talking about the lieutenant and his disgraceful exit from the department and i think if if you haven't seen it, i
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recommend you watch it and unfortunately i want to point out it's 5 years and over a million dollars too late. imagine the pension he's going to get because you promoted him after a crime and that teaches other officers that the way to get a promotion is by breaking the law. 5 years ago the castro was operated under the aegis of a corrupt supervisor and police officer and extortionist jane warn er and those are the 3 leading lights of law enforcement in the castro five very very long years ago. there has been an improvement but it hasn't been fast enough and it hasn't been nearly
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enough. okay. the shooting that happened about 2 weeks ago -- of the poor mr. perez lopez and covering for one of their inform ants who were criminals. they had 3 officers went to the federal pen because they were dealing with criminals and went to the pen because they were dealing with criminals and became criminals. we all know the mission station is the most corrupt station in the city and we all know the undercover cop program there has been given a hard look by these feds and they are still look ing. have you notified the feds. i've got a lot more i'll come next week or the week after. thank you.
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>> any further public comment? >> hello. my name is paulette brown. i'd like to use the overhead. i'm here concerning my son and his friends called him cheddar and he was measured by a semi caucasian by a semi automatic gun and to this day still no justice. his case is a cold case. i have the name of all the perpetrators that murder and that was there and involved with my son being murdered. anthony hunter and one of these is deceased. these are the names that i got
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and these are the true names of the perpetrators that murdered my son they are still walking the street one of them is thomas hannabal and he has a comedy show somewhere and he's living his life as though he never done anything. and my son , his body, his birthday is next month, april 6th and this is what i have to celebrate. this is the life that i have to celebrate. no life. i can't stop this. this is my therapy to come here and keep my son's memory alive. this is not easy
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for me, but i will continue to do it again, these guys names are on my son's file is the perpetrators that were going to shoot another young man. see these names, look them up, get them off the street. i'm afraid for my children that i have left. who is to know if these guys might be looking at me. they might see what i'm doing every month or every week and i don't care you took everything from me. you took my son. he was my only son and i grief every day and i don't care if it's been 8 years. i i need justice for my child. there are so many unsolved
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homicides out there. my son is one. these cases need to be solved. these men need to be off the street not to murder again. >> thank you miss brown and again there's a 250 there's a $250,000 reward into the investigation into into the murder and chief correct me if i'm wrong i think the anonymous tip line is there and please come forward to tip line is anonymous. thank you miss brown. >> further public comment? >> good evening commissioners, chief, everybody out there my name is jacki bryson and i'm very happy to see you back at city hall. i was one of the
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uninformed and i did come last week and that's okay i got to look at the door. in any event, i want to thank you again for coming to the tenderloin and south of market and commissioner commissioner hwang got to see -- 6th street which is where i have to walk. wasn't it kind of scary cautioning up there. i want to talk a little bit about 6th street today because i'm hoping the police will do something to make it less scary. on the corners of 6th street and howard we have a lot of vehicular bicycles and cars bad behavior where if the police were stationed there they might be able to struck might be able to instruct people via ticket that this is the wrong thing to do. sometimes that's
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the only way to get the point across to people that's very educational to have a ticket that you have to pay and yesterday i was speaking with a motorcycle police officer who has a lot more patience than i do there was a jerk on a bike riding against traffic and he nicely but firmly said you are going the wrong way and the guy continues to ride and we're talking about he's in the left turn only lane going the wrong way on howard street and turns and says to the officer -- thanks girl if that had been me i probably would have shot him and that's one of the reasons i don't have your job and he didn't do anything and he didn't swear at him and anything and yeah this is the kind of guy we want working in the police department and the person eventually got onto the sidewalk and drove about 20 feet more and back only the the street and so whoever that officer was thank you so much for keeping your cool other
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officers who kept their cool were those at project homeless connect today and a lady was determined that she was going to get her california picture id even though the best we could do because the d.m.v. cancelled without telling anyone was to give her a voucher to go get this and she raised such a ruckus and the officer was his usual cool calm and collected self and i'm keen on pj and she got hustled again the second time and i said officer pg is this the second or third strike for her? i don't know the end of that that story but nobody lost their cool and i think that speaks very well of the san francisco police department. >> thank you miss bryson further public comment? welcome. >> hello. my name is larry and i like to be called edmund
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juicy and i'm very tired i want to thank -- i mean gascone chief he said he's going to be doing a lot more work with sro hotels and black woman's sons who have been shot in the city and i thank god he knows something that's going on in our hotels and i'm also here to say i'm really looking forward for our police officers in san francisco to get the cameras i hope we're going to be a city that will have cameras very soon and i'd like to see the police walking up market street and it says one of these weekends it's saint patrick's weekend and new year's and i'm tired and i just really want you all to have cameras and i
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want more attention given to indoors as well as the outdoors and streets in san francisco we we must be safe inside as well as outdoors and i'm saying that foreseen i that for, seniors and we do need working cameras all over the city inside and out so that our people people will be deterred from doing the things that they should not do and thank you. have a nice weekend i hope to see you at the parade. thank you. >> thank you juicy. >> is there any further public comment? okay hearing none public comment is now closed please call the next line item. >> chief's report and discussion review recent activities and the department's proposed 2015-2016 budget. >> good evening chief.
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>> good evening i'll keep my comments short i want to defer most of it to my budget presentation. >> there was a vehicle that was spotted by another agency that we're working that lead. there's not much you can say about the tragedy and we all relive it every week with miss brown and i hope some day someone calls that phone number and we get the break we need to get for aubrey's killer too. >> as juicy stole my thunder a little bit we'll be doing it in
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the day time with a green flavor at saturday morning at at 11 and all commissioners and everybody else is invited to participate it's a lot of fun and today i i had occasion to spend the entire day with law enforcement professionals at the presidio where we discussed procedural justice and people there from washington the attorney general's office very good exchange and we have the report on 21 st century policing from the president's task force as well as the ferguson report that we'll go over to make sure that we're at least in line if not ahead of the rest of the country in what we're doing to make sure that we maintain public trust in our communities. and i'll now have the commissioner go go to the next line item.
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>> oh, i think that's me. inspect tore please go go to the next line item. >> the 2015-2016 budget. >> good evening. good evening president loftus commissioners members of the of the must be. so tonight carolyn welsh and i your budget directors are going to present the 15-16 budget very similar to the two prior years and feel free to interrupt me at any time with any questions and normally we would be presenting this budget in february prior to the city mandated deadline of february
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21st but due to the community meetings for redistricting, we submitted the packet to to the commissioners for the for the february 11th meeting and we're here to present in public today and just to remind you of the budget process we submit the budget to the mayor's office on february on february 21st and the controller and the mayor's office review it and load the it budget and capital projects and other enhancements hopefully to the budget the mayor reviews this submits it to the board of supervisors june 1st and that's what the chief presents to the board of supervisors and we have not gotten a hearing scheduled for that yet and tonight we're going to talk very briefly of the budget overview and hiring plan going very well and capital improvement projects technology projects vehicles and new public safety building.
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>> so similar to prior years, our department budget is primarily based on general fund we have 533 $533 million in revenue and 413 million of that is general fund and state revenues are about 49.6 $49.6 million and 48 million of that is from the state public safety tax and the remainder of that is some state allocations and federal revenues or grants we've been able to secure for dna backlog and dui and narcotics enforcement and pedestrian safety grants and police services for other departments are work order departments services that we provide for other departments and we'll look at that in a few minutes and fines for services and permits and those are the permits we collect on behalf of other city
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departments and the traffic signs by the state legislature and id bureau fines are also collected in that so our revenue, again, we're a general fund department 88.6 percent of our budget is salary and fringes and represented by the blue and red area and our next area of large expenditures are professional services which is are non city owned buildings for rent utilities and maintenance and also in this category are the litigation and that's about 1.1 million $1.1 million and annual it renewals for software and licensing and others 1.1 million and copying and printing of about a million and training expenses are about another million dollars in this category